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Patricia Jarrell

National Underwriter/Broker

I am here to help you find the best coverage for you and your loved ones.

I want you to have peace of mind that you have the right policy to fit your needs whether it be for health

insurance, life insurance, mortgage protection or retirement planning.

Patricia Jarrell

As an independent underwriter, I'm able to shop around multiple insurance companies and find the best possible options for your family and employees that will comfortably fit your budget.

Health Insurance

Are you paying an arm and a leg for health insurance or maybe don't have any coverage at all right now? Avoid costly medical bills with affordable health insurance alternatives.

Life Insurance

How much coverage is enough? Make sure your family is protected with enough coverage to provide for them when you are gone.

Mortgage Protection

Do you have a plan to pay your mortgage in the event of your death or illness? Don't lose your family's most valuable asset due to poor planning.


Fully equipped & trained to provide professional financial services in the residential state of Arizona

Additional state licenses in:


Happy clients

Donna Meyer

Patty is amazing...really! I knew nothing about life insurance and thought the process would be daunting. She made it so easy over the phone and complete in 15 minutes. Sorry I waited so long to do this!


Patty went out of her way to help me get Life Insurance and Mortgage Protection. She was able to help get me more coverage than I had before for the same price using a Universal Life product!

If you are looking for an insurance broker, Patty is the one! Thank you for being patient with me and explaining the process. You made it so easy!

JESSICA whittier

I saved $300/month when I switched to this amazing health insurance plan, and we can go to the doctors we already had a relationship with!

Now my whole family is covered for health, dental, vision and life. Overjoyed!

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